Overview of the TMJ Intensive Seminar

If there was a poster child for clinical effectiveness and cost effectiveness, then PNMT treatment of TMJ issues is it. The work is highly effective and efficient, offering hope and improvement where often there was neither. TMJ treatment is a highly specialized area that is extremely underutilized. The work is not physically taxing for the therapist, but clinical effectiveness is completely dependent on how much the therapist knows about this extremely complex area of the body. 

What most of the attendees at the seminar remark upon is the level of detail with which we address the TMJ area. Far more than just treatment of the masseter and temporalis, the relationships of the muscles and arthrokinematics are fascinating and complex. Moreover, it is the effect that this area can have on other parts of the body that are quite profound. What we teach is grounded in good science and hundreds of hours of clinical practice. 

My office in Champaign gets a steady stream of new patients referred to us from several local dentists. Sarah Lashley has the same experience in Evanston. TMJ work is hyper precise, amazingly effective, and leads to many other referrals. Dentists love what we do and patients are so appreciative of the help we give them. Do you have the necessary skills and knowledge to treat TMD effectively? Is it part of your practice now? Could you handle an influx of new clients?

Upcoming Trainings

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Time Outline for the TMJ Intensive Seminar



9:00 Greetings and Introduction

9:20 Prevalence of TMD: Demographics

9:30 Intrajoint / Extrajoint pathologies

10:10 Break

10:20 Anatomy and function – TM Joint - Neurobiological influences

10:40 Measurements and screening of mandibular movement

11:05 Trade on the assessment criteria


11:35 Break

11:45 Assessment Criteria cont’ with clinical applications


12:30 Lunch


1:30 Intraoral Section: Masseter

2:00  Intraoral Section: Temporalis and Lateral Pterygoid

2:50 Break

3:00 Medial Pterygoid (Intraoral) - Demo and trade

3:45 Anatomy review- palatini muscles

4:00 demo and trade

4:50 Tongue thrusting and its role in TMD.  When to refer to a speech pathologist

5:10  Review and case study applications. 

6:00 end





9:00 Review disc pathology

9:10 Review and demonstrate myofascial treatment of the masticatory area

10:15 Anatomy review- Hyoid musculature Demo and trade

11:30 Break

Clinical case study application- 

12:30 Lunch


1:30  External Treatment of Masticatory Muscles

2:30 Break

2:45 Review Intraoral work

3:30  Review- case studies

4:00 end