Precision Kinematics DVD


Precision Kinematics DVD


Precision Kinematics is a bodywork approach utilizing passive movements for both assessment and treatment of the musculoskeletal system. Developed over many years by Precision Neuromuscular Therapy founder Douglas Nelson and PNMT Instructor Jan Kiener, Kinematics is the newest addition to the Precision NMT system.

Clients love the integration of movement into massage sessions; these movements are both playful and yet very powerful. The effect on the nervous system is deeply relaxing, a perfect complement to both relaxation massage and highly specific soft-tissue techniques. For the client, it adds an element of movement exploration that makes the massage more interesting and enjoyable. For the therapist, Precision Kinematics can be used to transition from one massage technique to another, to integrate new range of motion possibilities after treatment, or to clarify where to direct further specific treatment.

The DVD has several features including:
1. An opening conversation between Doug and Jan explaining the origins and applications of Kinematics
2. A wonderful video of Jan Kiener demonstrating Precision Kinematics in a generl massage setting
3. A sample video from Doug applying Kinematics to a clinical setting
4. More than 40 individual techniques. 


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