Seth Will's Presentation at Colloquium 2018

The presentation happens during Foundation Friday.

Seth 2016.jpg

Anyone who has ever had the pleasure to take a PNMT seminar with Seth Will can attest to his depth of knowledge and deep understanding of this work.

N of 1: Translating Cases to Practice

In research, "N" refers to the number of people (subjects) in the study.  The higher the number, the more valid the possible results.  Case studies are most often about one person (N=1). Much, however, can be learned and applied to your practice if you think about this in the right way and few people are more qualified to help you in this endeavor than Seth. Seth's clinical knowledge is deep and wide and in this presentation, he will share insights gleaned and how that apply to broader practice. This again fits with the them of the entire conference- translating principles to practice (Praxis). 

Join Seth in this deep and insightful exploration.