Welcome to PNMT Profiles:
Interviews with some of the remarkable people of PNMT

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In this series, we will introduce you to some of the remarkable people who are practicing Precision Neuromuscular Therapy. Listen to these podcasts on your computer or download to listen later!

PNMT Profiles- Beth Maddox and Stacey Kilps and Precision Massage (mentoring in this field)

PNMT Profiles- Gary Hackney (PNMT and the Military)

PNMT Profiles- Linda Van Mun (PNMT on Kodiak Island in Alaska

PNMT Profiles- James Ivaska (An interview with one of the PNMT teaching staff)

PNMT Profiles- Sarah Lashley- TMJD (An interview about TMJ issues)

PNMT Profiles- David Armstrong (Marketing for a successful practice)

PNMT Profiles- Terri Lynn (PNMT in a factory setting)

PNMT Profiles- Sarah Ernst-Edwards (PNMT in a multi-therapist clinic)

Podcasts by Douglas Nelson