To register for a seminar and pay online, use the links below. Your card is not charged immediately. In the notes section, please indicate which seminar and location you are registering for. 

The Core Series seminars ( Spine and Thorax, Upper Extremity, Lower Extremity, Neck and Head) are $395.

Register for $395 
Register 14 days in advance for $360
Review Rate (You have taken this seminar before) $225

Form and Function, also part of the Core series is $325.

Register for $325
Register 14 days in advance for $300
Review Rate: $195

TMJ Intensive and Precision Neuromuscular Mobilization classes are $325

Register for $325
Register 14 days in advance for just $300
Review rate: $195

Click here to put a $100 deposit toward any of the seminars (If you would rather pay the whole registration, just state that in the notes section at the end of the process. This system does not automatically charge your card, it relays the information to us. We run the card at our office.) 

Cancellation Policy

Participants must notify Precision Neuromuscular Therapy of his/her need to cancel a scheduled seminar. If the participant cancels prior to two weeks before the seminar, all monies will be refunded except a $l00.00 deposit fee. If the participate cancels two weeks or less before the scheduled seminar no monies will be refunded.

Prepayment Discount Program

If you are serious about your intention to studying PNMT, we would like to reward your commitment by offering you a discount. The full cost of taking all five of the Core Seminars is $1875 ($395 for the Upper, Lower, Neck and Head, and Spine seminars) plus Form and Function at $325). The details are as follows:

Prepay for three Core Series Seminars

* If you prepay in full for three seminars, there will be a savings of $45 per seminar

Prepay for four Core Series Seminars

* If you prepay in full for four seminars, the cost of each is reduced $70 per seminar.

* If you prepay in full for the whole Core Series (five seminars), the total cost is $1500. This equates to just $300 per seminar!  Prepay for all five Core Series Seminars

We realize that committing to all five seminars ahead of time is a tremendous leap of faith. Therefore, this offer extends until the end of the first seminar you take. If you commit and decide PNMT is for you, we will apply whatever you paid for the first seminar to the $1500 balance. Again, you must decide to claim this option by the end of the first seminar you take. Also, if you change your mind, you can get your money back, but the classes you have taken up to the point of withdrawal will be applied at the $395 rate.

Making the discount retroactive to the seminar presently being attended, as stated in the last paragraph, is only available for prepaying all five Core Series seminars.

To clarify, this program DOES NOT work in reverse. If you end up taking multiple classes, there is no discount that will apply later to the classes you have already taken. This program is meant to reward people who are willing to make the commitment ahead of time to take multiple classes.

This program cannot be used in conjunction with other discounts.