PNMT Mentoring/Coaching

Over the years, many therapists who are studying Precision Neuromuscular Therapy have relayed to us the need for further guidance on a host of issues, both technical with regard to treatment strategies and also general practice management issues. Time at the seminar site is extremely limited to hands-on approaches; there is too little time to deal with larger questions. In addition, many of those questions don’t appear until later, when what is learned is put into practice.


With the number of requests for advice and direction we have received, it is time to formalize the process. To address this need, we are now offering a PNMT Mentoring/Coaching program. You can purchase an individual session or a series of sessions, whatever is best for your needs. Each of the mentors is a PNMT Instructor, who also has a very busy clinical practice. Each of these people draws from a vast knowledge of both clinical experience and also managing a very busy practice.

The Mentors available at this point are:

Seth Will

Christopher Sovereign

Kathy Meyer

James Ivaska

Christine Drummond

The pricing structure:

$60/30min individual sessions
$300/6-30min. (package discount)
$100/60min. individual sessions

Email us if you want more information or to speak with one of the PNMT Mentors.

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