Do I need to take the seminars in any particular order?

No. The seminars were designed so that you could take them in any order. There is no starting point. Whatever interests you or fits into your schedule, take it.

It is recommended that you take the Introduction to PNMT course before attending your first seminar. It is not a requirement, but you will find it very helpful. There are two options - one completely video and the other a mixture of reading and video


What is meant by the review rate?

This is a lower rate for people who are taking the seminar for the second time. Many people take our seminars twice as you learn so much more the second time. We reward you for your dedication by lowing the cost. If you have taken NMT somewhere else (with another organization), the review rate does not apply. 


Where is the seminar being held specifically?

As you might see on the Schedule page, the location is listed only as city and state. We have received questions from those who want to know where the seminar will be held. The Seminar location has been created for this reason; to answer you questions. Click here