Presentations at Colloquium 2018 by Diane Mastnardo 

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Studies from a massage therapy PBRN: What the heck is a PBRN?

PBRN is short for Practice Based Research Network.  In 2011 a group of like-minded massage therapists in Northeast Ohio came together to develop pathways for the integration of massage therapy into conventional health care.  Utilizing the primary care PBRN model, providing a space for clinicians and practices to come together to answer community-based health care questions and translate findings into practice, we engaged LMT’s in an evidence-based culture. The goal of MNO-PBRN is to support the generation of evidence based knowledge on effective and consistent massage therapy treatments and to develop pathways for the integration of the practice of massage therapy into conventional health care to improve the health of all Americans.  In this session we will be talking about the studies that have been developed from this group.



Card Study Method: Provider Recommendation for Massage

In this interactive session we will be teaching the card study method of research.  Yes, we said the R word!  This research method is used to quickly collect a small amount of observational data during the course of routine practice, allowing for faster translation of findings into practice.  Who refers clients to you?  Do your clients tell their health care providers they are seeing you?  Why?  Why not?  We will provide past data from this research and an opportunity to participate in the next phase of the card study during this session.