PNMT Colloquium 2018

Praxis: Principles Into Action

June 1-3, 2018  Champaign, IL

Cost: $395 ($360 early registration)
Lunches are included
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NCBTMB Approved for 18.5 CE  

Each Colloquium is an amazing experience, one of learning, laughter, and deep exploration of topics that we cannot always explore in our regular seminars. It is also a chance to be with one hundred therapists who are as passionate and dedicated to this work as you are. We learn and share from each other. 

If you have been to previous Colloquiums, you know that each one is very different from the last. Below is a video synopsis of Colloquium 2016 and also Colloquium 2011. (Click here to see a panel discussion from 2011) For Colloquium 2018, the theme is Praxis: Putting Principles into Action. PNMT, as an organization and approach, is very pragmatic. All of the instructors have very busy practices, including myself. In the clinic, you have to choose a path and DO something. Philosophy is easy, results are hard. Every aspect of what we do and teach is then applied immediately to the clinic. In Colloquium 2018, we will explore how to use massage therapy research insights to guide clinical practice. The speakers for Colloquium 2018 are experts in the field who will help us in that endeavor. It promises to be an amazing experience. Please join us!

Format and Schedule

Foundation Friday  June 1, 2018  (Attend Friday only - $195  or just $170 if you register two weeks in advance)  NCBTMB approved for 7 research category CE hours

All profits from Foundation Friday will be donated to The Massage Therapy Foundation. Participants may attend this day as a stand alone; you may register for this day without attending the rest of the conference. 

9:00  Opening: Doug Nelson
9:15  Dr. Niki Munk   Enhancing Massage Practice through Case Report Integration: Context, Importance, Approach and Strategies Learn More

12:15  Lunch is provided

1:30 Mica Rosenow - Variance in Anatomy: Treatment for the Individual? (Learn more)

2:00 Diane Mastnardo- PBRN (Practice Based Research Networks)  (Learn more)   (Read an article about Diane and PBRN)

2:45 Break

3:00  Seth Will  "N of 1, translating cases to practice."  Learn more

4:15. Sylvia Burns Concussion Case Study Presentation and Hands-On Learning  Learn More   (Watch a Massage Therapy Foundation video about Sylvia's paper)

6:15 end  (cocktail party) 


Saturday June 2, 2018

9:00  Niki Munk: Massage and the Brain: Application and Outcomes for What Can’t be Touched    (Learn more)

10:00 Doug- LBP Case Study: A Novel Approach     

10:45 Break

11:00 Breakout Sessions 

Treating Myofascial Tinnitus and Midder Ear Myoclonus  1 hour/ research category/- Susan Knutson and Sarah Lashley

Integrating gua sha therapy with PNMT for Achilles Tendinopathy

PNMT for the Practicing Musician  -  Adrienne Lind and Doug Nelson

 Mobilization with Movement methods on Humeral Impingement and Cervical Radiculopathy- Seth Will

12:15. Lunch is provided

1:30. Card Study Method: Provider Recommendation for Massage      Diane Mastnardo-  (Learn more)  (read more about Diane)
When most of us think about research, we think of formal studies done by universities and research institutions. While enormously important, these studies take time and are very expensive. In this presentation, Diane will lead us through a form of research called a card study, used in Practice Based Research Networks. Using brief information collected about client visits, the card study is a way for practicing therapists to contribute to research efforts that are directly applicable to clinical practice.
(read an academic article about card studies)

3:30. David Fluecke- . "Practicing with confidence, dealing with uncertainty". Learn More

4:45 Fascial Research Insights- Doug Nelson

5:45 End

Sunday June 3, 2018

8:30  Mindful Movement with Laura Chiaramonte, MFA  (Learn more about Laura)

9:45  Movement Analysis: Experiential Functional Anatomy  

11:15 Breakout Sessions   

In Celebration of Movement: Breakout Sessions Working with Lifelong Activities

  • Golf: Movement Analysis and Treatment Implications
  • Walking/running: Movement Analysis and Treatment Implications
  • Biking: Movement Analysis and Treatment Implications
  • Aging Gracefully: Combining Movement and PNMT for the Aging Clientele   
  • Overhead Activities such as Tennis and Baseball: Movement Analysis and Treatment Implications

12:30 Lunch is provided

1:45 David Armstrong:  Marketing Mastery

2:30  Repeat Breakout Sessions (Choose one from earlier in the day- you will attend two of the five possibilities)

3:45 Reconvene 

4:00 End

Hotel Accomodations

The Colloquium is held at the I Hotel in Champaign, IL.  Use the code PNMT to get a special room rate of $139 per night. There are many other choices, one can get anywhere in Champaign in just 15 minutes. The Hilton Garden Inn, Homewood Suites, and Hawthorn Suites are 4 minutes away. 


David Fluecke

David's wisdom and insight have been highlights of previous Colloquium's. I am thrilled to have David present for Colloquium 2018. His topic is:

"Practicing with Confidence, Dealing with Uncertainty" 

Seth Will

If you have taken a seminar with Seth, you know the depth of his understanding. This year, Seth will share with us 

"N = 1, Translating Cases to Practice" 

Sylvia Burns

I met Sylvia through reading her case study in the IJTMB and then spent time with her in person. I was very impressed with her work and am excited to share her understanding with regard to Concussions. She will share her experiences working with clients who have had a concussion, then we will apply that knowledge to the table. 

Niki Munk, PhD

Niki is a ray of sunshine and an amazing massage therapist who went on to obtain a PhD. Now at Indiana University, you will be inspired with her passion and love for this work. Dr. Munk will be presenting insights from her research in this field. Stay tuned for more details!

Dr. Jeanette M. De Witt

Jeanette's break-out session will be on Integrating gua sha therapy with PNMT for achilles tendinopathy. Objectives for this session include:

  • Explain difference between achilles tendinitis and achilles tendinosis
  • Explain difference in recommended evidence-based treatment of achilles tendinitis and achilles tendinosis
  • Explain Gua Sha Therapy (Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization)
  • Demonstrate integration of IASTM with PNMT
  • Practical application/Hands-on practice

Diane Mastnardo

Diane will be presenting two presentations at Colloquium 2018. One will be on Practice Based Networks, something that we, as a learning community, should deeply resonate with. She will also present on her experience translating research insights into practice.  

Mica Rosenow

Mica will be presenting on her research that explores variations in the anatomy of the brachial plexus, possible differences in referral patterns, and the need for soft tissue treatment before and after unsuccessful carpal tunnel surgery. 

David Armstrong

David is a master of marketing! Living in Yuba City, CA, David has built a thriving practice and his marketing insights are valuable for us all!

Christopher Sovereign

Christopher, one of the PNMT Instructors, will be doing a segment on PNMT and the Golf Swing. If you have clients who are golfers, you won't want to miss this session. 

Sarah Lashley

Sarah teaches the TMJ Intensive seminars and will be sharing some new updates and insights to working with people with TMJD. 

Laura Chiaramonte

Laura is an amazing Alexander teacher and has an extensive background in movement and dance. Her deep understanding of the science of movement will be shared with us. Yep, you will be up and moving!

Susan Knutson, (ENT) Nurse and PNMT certified)

Middle-Ear Myclonus—What is that noise!  Do you have clients who complain of tinnitus? Susan has extensive experience with this and will share her knowledge with us during this breakout session. 

Tim Woods

Aging Gracefully: Combining Movement and PNMT for the Aging Clientele   this break-out session,  Tim will share basic fitness and body maintenance disciplines to keep physically fit for the demanding world of massage therapy. 

Adrienne Lind

In this break-out session, Adrienne will be presenting her work with violinists and Doug Nelson will be joining her to explore his experience working with musicians. 


 As always, and weather permitting, we will gather at my house on Saturday evening for food, beverages, and much laughter. 

Save the date!

Doug Nelson

PNMT Colloquium 2016 was an amazing event. To see a synopsis, view the video below. 

Here is a video synopsis of Colloquium 2011

See a video of the Friday Panel Discussion from Colloquium 2011