Welcome to Lily Stone- Certified PNMT

Attaining certification in PNMT is no small process. In addition to being at the seminars, one must also pass written and practical examinations. These exams are simply meant to guide and direct the therapist to facilitate a deep understanding of the work. The pursuit of certification isn't for a piece of paper, it is for a deep level of understanding.  The therapists who tend to do this are already excellent massage therapists. These people are internally motivated to be their very best, wishing to serve their clients in the best way possible. These therapists are also life-long learners. Please read Lily's excellent case report here. 

I am very happy to introduce Lily Stone, an exceptional therapist from Waltham, MA who practices at 360 NMT, an amazing group of neuromuscular therapists. 

Lily Stone.jpg

Lily Stone found massage therapy through a desire to bring people greater ease of
movement so that they may feel better prepared to tackle the necessary tasks of daily life and
enjoy the physical activities they love to do. She holds a BFA in photography from the Art
Institute of Boston and studied massage therapy at Cortiva Institute. After her initial studies, Lily completed an in-depth orthopedic massage program with Tom Karis, which focussed on
myofascial release. Lily continued on this path by completing training in neuromuscular therapy at 360 NeuroMuscular Therapy in Waltham, MA, where she currently practices. She also specializes in prenatal massage.

Firmly founded in the creative arts, Lily draws upon innovative thinking in her
assessment and treatment sessions in order to approach problem solving with freshness and
originality. In her spare time, Lily practices yoga and barre, and runs for fitness. She loves to get her creative fix by writing songs and poetry, and finding ways to entertain her young daughter.

Congratulations Lily! All of us in the PNMT world are proud of you.