PNMT Colloquium 2018

Praxis: Principles Into Action

June 1-3, 2018  Champaign, IL

Plans are underway for the next Colloquium which will be held in Champaign, IL June 1-3, 2018. These gatherings are an amazing experience, one of learning and laughter, exploring topics that we cannot always explore in our regular trainings. It is also a chance to be with one hundred therapists who are passionate and dedicated to this work. We learn and share from each other. 

If you have been to previous Colloquiums, you know that each one is very different from the last. Below is a synopsis of Colloquium 2016 and also Colloquium 2013. For 2018, the theme is Praxis: Putting Principles into Action. PNMT, as an organization and approach, is very pragmatic. All of the instructors have very busy practices, including myself. In the clinic, you have to choose a path and DO something. Philosophy is easy, results are hard. Every aspect of what do and teach is then applied to the clinic. 

Possible Format

Foundation Friday  June 1, 2018  

On this day, my hope is to have multiple presentations centered around the science of massage therapy. I have several presenters who have committed to being with us to lead us in this exploration. I think you will find the day quite fascinating and thought-provoking. I will submit these presentations to NCBTMB for approval for the research requirement for recertification. 

All profits from Foundation Friday will be donated to The Massage Therapy Foundation. Participants may attend this day as a stand alone; you may register for this day without attending the rest of the conference. 

Saturday and Sunday June 2-3, 2018

Many of the clients we see are very active, many of whom are trying to stay as fit as possible by being active. Part of what we will explore is the specific demands of these recreational activities with presentations that explore the physical demands and the appropriate neuromuscular treatment responses. We will explore such activities as:

  • Running
  • Golf
  • Swimming
  • Baseball/ Softball
  • Cross-Fit
  • Tennis

I am also considering a section on working with musicians, as they are upper extremity athletes who also need our care. 

As we did in Colloquium 2016, there will also be a section of challenging skill-building exercises for the massage therapist. They are fun, yet meant to help you hone your therapy skills. As always, and weather permitting, we will gather at my house on Saturday evening for food, beverages, and much laughter. 

Save the date!


PNMT Colloquium 2016 was an amazing event. To see a synopsis, view the video below. 

Here is a video synopsis of Colloquium 2011